Vijaya Kurada

Electrical, 1991

Teacher & Consultant

Vijaya kurada is an alumnus of OUCE who's had completed her BE in Electrical engineering in the year 1991. Though she did her bachelor's degree in Electrical, she pursued her master's degree in the area of her interest, Computer engineering from Rensselaer polytechnic institute, New York in the year 1996. She also did an MBA in marketing and finance from NYU, Stern School of Business.

In 1992, immediately after graduating, she joined BHEL R&D India, worked there till 1994 and then went to the US to pursue MS in Computer Engineering. During that period, she worked at GE, R&D and later joined Nuance USA and worked there from 1996 to 2003. In 2005, she got an opportunity to work for GE Acxiom, USA where she rendered her services for two years and then in 2008, she re-joined Nuance and worked there till 2013. Currently, she is in London, teaching and consulting. She also co-authored a US patent in Natural language dialogue analysis for speech recognition based systems like Apple iPhone Siri.

The main objective of the talk was to encourage all the students who want to seek their careers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But what kept the students to listen with a lot of interest was the very fact that she has her roots from the same place where all of the students are standing currently.

In the talk, apart from the technical aspects about artificial intelligence, she also emphasized on the importance of “Application” over “Calculation” in Engineering. She also talked about the enormous career opportunities weaved around the subject of Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In her opinion, success is all about Innovative ideas, unconditional hard-work, a little patience and a bit of luck. She strongly believes that each and every person can be successful if they dedicatedly work towards their passion.

Not that all, Vijaya Kurada also mentors the students with innovative ideas and also funds their research activities. She believes that research is the key to development of the nation.