OUCE Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for OUCE – Successfully completed SWOT Analysis

Upon the request of Prof. S. Ramachandram, Principal of University College of Engineering (OUCE), the alumni of the Institution, Dr. D. Vijay Kumar (ECE 88) and Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nimma (EEE 06), on behalf of the Alumni Association, have embarked on a journey to consult and facilitate the institution in preparing Strategic Plan for next five and ten years.

As a first step, SWOT Analysis was performed to understand the operating environment by identifying the internal strengths, weaknesses of the institution and the external opportunities, threats for the institution.

The study was divided into two phases. In the first phase, focused groups of various stakeholders were formed to understand the SWOT elements through Brain Storming sessions with Faculty, Students, Alumni and Industry representatives. Strengths and Weakness were identified for six major categories namely Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning & Evaluation, Student Support & Progression, Research Consultancy and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Organization and Management.

Brainstorming Session with Alumni held in March, 2016

Brainstorming Session with Faculty held in April 2016

Brainstorming Session with Students held in April, 2016

In the second phase, an online survey was conducted for all the stakeholders and the results were statistically analysed. The survey questions were based on the SWOT elements identified in Phase one.

All the findings were submitted to the Principal, OUCE in the form of a report. Once, the Institutional Development Plan Committee approves the same it would be made available by the Principal.

As next step, Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is being conducted for the Faculty on July 05, 2016.