Sridhar Narayan Porindla

Bio Medical – 1988

Founder of SN Consultancy

Mr. Sridhar Narayan Porindla, is the alumni of our Bio Medical Department from the 1984-88 batch. He is the owner of SN Consultancy in Hyderabad, which boasts of many distinguished clients like GE, Philips, Mindray etc. His line of work is the Medical diagnostic Ultrasound.

In the words of Mr. D.Vijay Kumar (General secretary, OUCEAA), Mr.Sridhar is the first applications specialist in the country, way back in 1991-92 and has seen the industry evolve.

Mr.Sridhar delivered his speech on the topic - “The opportunities in Ultrasound diagnostics.” He spoke of the association he had with various companies and the campuses he visited like those of GE, Philips etc. He told the students his observation, that in these companies which hire thousands of Ph.Ds for their research work, the support network of the researchers mainly consists of undergraduate or graduate students / interns thereby informing our students of the vast range of research opportunities that they can avail and stressed on the importance of providing dedicated courses by the companies to the students. He expressed his wish that our current syllabus be changed to introduce modality, specialty and the equipment that the students would work on once they have completed their engineering, which would lead to a wide range of career opportunities for our students.

He observed that in the universities in US, there are POP’s (Professor of Practice) who are all senior, very successful business and industry practitioners, who share their experiences with the students. He hoped that though we don’t have that system in our universities at present, our existing model would be altered in similar lines for a greater benefit.

He explained how Ultrasound is the most applied imaging device after X-Ray and the various advantages it has over other imaging devices. He spoke of its wide range of applications including preventive health care, diagnostics etc. and pointed out that today, ultrasound contributes to the revenue of most other departments in the hospital as well. He mentioned the financial statistics of ultrasound that make it such an attractive option.

He spoke about the various newer applications of ultrasound and considers ultrasound mammography to have the most potential among them. He points out that 7 out of 10 women in our country are not being diagnosed with breast tumors due to the lack of proper screening facilities, but in more advanced countries where there are facilities, this number drops to 1 out of 10.

He explained how the scenario has changed in Radiology, where in the past it was generally opted by the bottom layer of the students, it is now being opted by the cream layer. He observed that the investments in diagnostic labs have gone up by a huge amount.

He emphasized on building value products instead of low cost engineering which seems to be the common objective of incubation centers.

He informed how the ultrasound manufacturing vendors have moved from India to China. He explained the reason behind his becoming a consultant, so he could define his own work boundaries, style and timings. Mr. Sridhar explained the various components of a typical ultrasound device. He showed the students the areas where improvements can be made in general. He concluded his talk with a demonstration of the ultrasound equipment.

By the end of the day, Mr.Sridhar has enlightened the young minds of our students with the various opportunities they have, gave them a good view of how things work in the industry, and has helped them prepare for their careers in a more informed sense.