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Objectives / Nature of Work of the Society

Name of the Society: 

“Alumni Association, University College of Engineering, Osmania University” Objectives / Nature of Work of the Society:

Alumni Association, University College of Engineering, Osmania University is an autonomous body which will be governed by registered bye-laws.

It is a not-for-profit organization with a sole aim of providing a platform for Alumni to come together and support the efforts of College of Engineering in building an Institution of world class. The spirit of the organization is to galvanize the alumni by rejuvenating the memoirs of their association with the Osmania University College of Engineering (OUCE), and interacting on continuous basis with the other alumnus, students and the faculty [both administration, and teaching staff.

The Association works with the College of Engineering, University staff and students to: 

  • Provide a platform for the alumni to connect with each other for the exchange of information, ideas, communicate their accomplishments, interests, and concerns.
  • Foster alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the University and OUCE in particular.
  • Enrich the emotional bondage amongst the students, alumni and faculty.
  • Extend maximum help to the College in the placement and internship of students in reputed organizations.
  • Recognize alumni for their significant contributions to education.
  • Propose and execute special projects: Buildings, technical projects, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Support poor / economically backward students financially by floating scholarships, etc.
  • Institute awards for meritorious performance for students.
  • Institute awards for the alumni for their contribution to the College and the society.
  • Inspire and invoke the spirit of innovation among the students leading to finding technical solutions to the problems of the society leading to Patents to students and the College.