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The Official E-Mail ID Rollout

An Initiative to bind us all together

The Alumni Association has taken the initiative to enhance the communication and collaboration between the Student, Faculty, Management and Alumni through digitization and technology. As a first step towards digitally connected campus, each stakeholder of UCEOU is being provided with an official email ID ( that binds them to college with an official identity.

The official email ID will evolve into a single point of access for students. college and alumni globally to collaborate as well as access all the alumni association and college benefits in due course of time similar to the ideology of an Aadhar Card, quotes Praveen Dorna, Chairman, Initiatives Committee. 

The alumni team lead by Praveen Dorna (BE 2007 Mech). Pranav Bang (BE 2016 Civil). Meghana Voladri (BE 2016 CSE) have handled the rollout of the email IDs and integration with the college processes working both with student volunteers and college management. 

The alumni team led by Anil Kuppa (BE 2008 CSE). Loknath Priyatham Teja Singamsetty (BE 2009 CSE), Gautam Muduganti (BE 2010 CSE) and Akash Kolariya (BE 2016 CSE) have worked on the technology aspects in integrating Google Apps with college technology infrastructure to enable this project. 

A brief summary of its benefits include:

1. Every Student. Faculty and Alumni will get an official email ID ( completely free of cost with unlimited storage (upto 5TB/user) and lifetime validity. 

2. Google Classroom acts as a central collaboration tool for the faculty and students to work together for each class. Faculty will have the option to create classes distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Instant. Paperless. Easy. 

3. Student. College and Alumni will be better connected with collaboration. 

4. The complete Google Suite for collaboration is provided free of cost. 

The email ID protect kicked off in March 2016 and has successfully completed rolling out the student community and is in the process of rolling out to the faculty and alumni. All alumni interested in obtaining an official email ( are requested to reach out to Praveen Dorna at