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New Alumni Office

Today, the Osmania University College of Engineering has over 25000 alumni, and every year, more of those alumni are involved in the life of the College—including ever-larger numbers who attend events in the campus. With the Alumni Association activities shifting speed to higher gears a facility devoted exclusively to alumni affairs has become a pre-requisite.

The space towards the left of the Central Quadrangle in the main building adjoining the Assembly Hall has been reassigned to the Alumni Association and is being renovated. Construction of the new alumni office took off in the month of February, 2016 and is expected to be completed by September, 2016.

“We’ve outgrown that space,” said Dr.D.Vijay Kumar, General Secretary of the Alumni Association. “There wasn’t a real home. There wasn’t a place where, when people came back to campus, they went.”

The structures will help meet the needs of the alumni center as it moves toward new goals. The center will provide general information for alumni, prospective students and working space for Association office staff. It will also include interactive displays on the College’s history and Alumni memories.

“Our alumni have great passion for the College and want to stay connected online and in person, something the alumni center will facilitate,” said Mr.R.V.Ramamohan Rao, President of the Alumni Association, “the College has also been magnanimous enough to offer the space which reiterates the importance attached to alumni by the Institution.”

Current plans include a complete renovation of the space—using reclaimed wood from unused and broken furniture at the College—and the creation of new facilities, including:

> Fedicated alumni reception area

> Front office and a sitting area

> 25 seat meeting room for alumni

> 7 workstations

> 2 office cabins

> Indoor pantry area

The new alumni Office is more than just a new space. It's a gift to our graduates in honor of all of their achievements. Situated in the University College of Engineering campus, it's a home away from home for thousands of our alumni.

The Association is working hard to find the resources to do it, and do it right. Alumni interested in supporting the proposed Alumni Office can email Dr.D.Vijay Kumar at