Kannan Tinnium

Electrical – 1991

Technology Leader – Electrical Technologies & Systems at GE Global Research

Dr.Kannan Tinnium graduated with a B.E from Osmania University, India in 1991, M.S. and Ph. D in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University, New Orleans in 1993 and 1996 respectively. He then joined Entergy Services, Inc., one of the largest electric power utilities in the US, where he was responsible for bringing new technologies to the transmission system, perform technical studies and recommend solutions. He is the Technology Leader – Electrical Technologies & Systems at GE Global Research, Bangalore. Based out of GE’s largest multidisciplinary R&D facility, the John F. Welch Technology Centre, he is responsible for driving technology development in the areas of controls, optics and instrumentation, electrical power systems, power electronics, safety and electromagnetics.

Dr.Kannan mentioned in his talk, the experiences he had after graduating from OUCE in 1991.Like many other students ,he too was interested in pursuing his higher studies in the U.S.By combination of his academic background in OU and his hard work, he said he was fortunate enough to receive a research assistantship in Tulane University, New Orleans.One of the major changes he experienced was in terms of style of learning where he had to jump form learning formulae to an open book system that demanded understanding the actual concepts in depth.He said one of his greatest attainments was understanding the depth in all those equations he learnt, what they really meant and the importance of practical experimentation.Dr.Kannan ,unlike his peers moving to the field of computers, with the motivation from his advisor moved on to pursue Ph.D in Electrical Engineering.This was where he learnt, ”Execution of work is not enough and it is necessary to challenge the current status of world”. He realized the need to identify scope for innovations.

Dr.Kannan’s industrial attachment, he informed, challenged his academic expertise to be extended to work in real time and made him realize the difference in both. He said,”Whatever you deliver in a real world has to be 100% accurate”, such is the importance of applying technical knowledge to practice in real world.

His constant curiosity of what was going on in the computer world made him learn technologies that helped his course of work.He has been associated with GE since 2001, working and contributing greatly in research ever since and worked on various power systems, power electronics etc.In 2009,started his involvement with Smart Grid.Smart Grid has been a buzz word and has generated a lot of interest in several countries.

The Global research center Dr.Kannan is associated, caters to development of technologies in all businesses and focuses on what can be learnt from one area and how that can be applied in another.The research center itself comprises various disciplines and importance is laid on cross-disciplinary research.

Some of the key technologies dealt by GE include, works in sensing and instrumentation, emissions measurement, wireless power transfer etc. He also mentioned the challenges focused on like preventing the blackouts on transmission side, maintaining power quality in distribution and scope for upcoming developments.Finally he spoke about the situation of technology and power in India and the huge difference that can be made by properly working on the obtained data and statistics.He also mentioned the importance of Micro grid and Smart Grid, which are the areas that are evolving to form the next generation technologies.

Dr.Kannan encourages students to broaden their skills and enter the field of research to result in great developments for our country.