Initiatives Committee

OUCE Alumni Association is actively working towards taking up various initiatives to enable alumni members, students and college to avail a wide tange of benefits and privilages. The goal is to provide a sustainable platform fro all alumni to actiely spearhead/ participate in varios initiatives /projects that can make a meaningful difference to alumni, students, alma mater and the society at large. The alumni association is in active discusson with the college, students and alumni to source their feedback for actively building out priposal whtat wil be executed upon. Based on the feedback till date, the initiatives being curentlu taken uo/ in pipeline are as follows

Initiatives for Alumni
  • Alumni chapters Globally
  • Official college email id for all Alumni
  • Alumni Career Services
  • Alumni Networking
  • Alumni Recognition
  • Alumni Fun Activities and Engagement

Initiatives for Students
  • Encourage innovation and technical emminence
  • Scholarships for financially cahllenged and meritorious students
  • Student mentoring ( Personal and Professional)
  • Digital Campus: Official collge email id for students
  • Support student clubs, events and counselling sessions for exposure
  • Conduct Alumni Talks, Events and Counselling sessions fro Exposure
  • Industry connect through programs and partnerships
  • Provide Internships and career support

Initiatives for College
  • Faculty Enrichment Program
  • Infrastructure Development Support
  • Industry collaboration and curriculum support
  • Committee Name Department
  • Initatives Rajavardhan Reddy Banda Civil Engineering
  • Initatives Hemanth Kumar Lanke Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Shrutika Swamy Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Manasa Chinatalapati Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Srijay pusa Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Maaref Ali Khan Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Sidhant Dhar Computer Science and Engineering
  • Initatives Pooja A Electrical Engineering
  • Initatives Raghupatula Anvitha Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Initatives Shuja Mechanical Engineering
  • Initatives Ishaq Iqbal Mechanical Engineering
  • Initatives Kavya Geethika Somayajula Mechanical Engineering