Events Committee

The Events Committee conducted Global Alumni Meet on 27th December 2015 and was a grand success .The response and involvement of Alumni was tremendous! The day long event was engaging and memorable for more than 1500 Alumni who attended the Alumni Meet in person and through Live Video stream from across the Globe. The event witnessed some eminent alumni and many other representatives from Government Organizations, PSUs, CEOs and Executives of renowned companies who cam down and had a good time.

Some of the activities conducted include:

Memory Wall

Sometimes all it takes to evoke a thousand beautiful memories is a single picture. And when a collection of joyous photographs from some of the best days in your life are spread on a single wall, you can’t help but tumble down the memory lane to momentarily re-live those bygone days.

Video Walk

As they strolled on the red carpet laid out for them, revelling in the reminiscences of the days of yore, we made every effort to capture their sweet anecdotes that were filled with nostalgia. The Alumni narrated their heart-warming recollections at GAM’s Video Walk.

Letter Box

While most of us have a hard time memorizing a friend’s phone number, we had alumni who could effortlessly recollect every bit of the address of their buddies. The Letter Box at GAM, sure, did take them back to their golden days as they recounted their blissful days at our college.

Photo OP

You may be 25 years old, 40 or more. But when you are back in college you are definitely way younger. You can’t help but think of your class- of all the back-benchers, the book worms or the chatter-boxes and of all the nick-names you so fondly called them by. The Photo OP at GAM was arranged just to help our alumni cherish the bonding they shared. And we ended up clicking hundreds of wonderful pictures of our alums donning the funky props and brimming with joy as they posed along with their batch-mates.


With scores of movie theaters scattered all around the college and a jolly group of friends who love movies, even the most studious guy cannot complete engineering without skiving off a class or two to watch a movie in the local talkies. The Dubsmash at GAM was a huge success for it tickled awake the movie buff in our alumni as they happily shook their leg and mimed the dialogues of their favorite stars with an amazing gusto.

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  • Events Swathi Bio-Medical Engineering
  • Events Naveen kassadi Civil Engineering
  • Events Vikram Civil Engineering
  • Events Lasya Civil Engineering
  • Events Venkata Sai Gowtham Computer Science and Engineering
  • Events Osman MV Ahmed Computer Science and Engineering
  • Events Owais wajid siddiqui Computer Science and Engineering
  • Events Shuja Mechanical Engineering
  • Events Tanmayee Parsi Computer Science and Engineering
  • Events Ballipara Rakshith Electrical Engineering
  • Events Ch.Naga Raga Swetha Electrical Engineering
  • Events Geetha Chawla Electrical Engineering
  • Events Haripriya T Electrical Engineering
  • Events Viharsha G Electrical Engineering
  • Events Suryateja Sriramula Electrical Engineering
  • Events Sai Krishna Ganna Electrical Engineering
  • Events Sai Kumar Paladugula Electrical Engineering
  • Events Manideep Ambeeru Electrical Engineering
  • Events Kavya Kumbarthi Electrical Engineering
  • Events Nikhitha Electrical Engineering
  • Events Sai Kiran Reddy Electrical Engineering
  • Events Akarapu Sushma Electrical Engineering
  • Events MD Adnan sohail Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Events Golla sudeeksha Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Events K.Sree Keerthy Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Events Sonaji Meghana Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Events Sanjay Reddy Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Events Enukonda Srinivasa Reddy Mechanical Engineering
  • Events M V Sudhanshu Mechanical Engineering
  • Events Ganga vihasith Mechanical Engineering