Devendra Surana


Director of Surana group of companies

Devendra Surana is an Industrialist, Managing Director of Bhagyanagar India Limited and Director of Surana Ventures Limited and Surana Group of Companies. At Osmania University, Surana completed a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. He earned an MBA (PGDM) from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and was chosen as the “Brain of the batch”. He is currently the president of the Telangana state council of FICCI.

On Speaking about his views on the transformations that took place with time, Mr.Surana mentioned these time frames as Durga, Laxmi and Saraswathi eras. Talking about Durga era he spoke on how strength dominated followed by Laxmi era where in the wealth was of importance and finally the Saraswathi era where he spoke about the importance of education and intelligence. We being in saraswathi era Mr.Surana also analysed that the speed of these changes is increasing exponentially. Analysing this rate of change he explained how people belonging to various eras will get influenced such as for those belonging to the present saraswathi era will be excited about new technology and growth in opportunities and those from the older generations will be petrified. Talking about Mr.Surana’s favourite example he mentions how the Tata’s empire was built by three generations whereas flipkart did it in just 3 years. He wants to see the present generation to not stop at learning but to innovate and create.

Mr.Surana also talks about how the population has increased about 90% over the past 100 years which reflects in how consumption and demand increased and thus price decreased. Having said this, he stated that ‘The number of people being born today is stagnant for the last 20 years’ but the only reason why there is an increase in population is ‘Longevity’ and also by going by these trends the population will freeze at 10billion people. According to him the world has seen an era of shortage till now and also Mr.Surana feels that people of this generation will be product of an era of surplus where everything is in excess. This happens because of evolving digitalization and communication.

Mr.Surana also mentions what are the trends of business today and how are the firms being run. By which he meant that unlike the old ideology of a firm to meet customers’ requirements, today it is all about making a customer lazy. He mentions that if one can make the customer little lazy in what so ever method to be fully dependent one can succeed in his business. Mr.Surana brings a new concept called Anti-Fragile by which Surana means the ability to grow from a certain class of random events, errors and volatility. Mr.Surana feels the world today needs more of antifragility in every step of life.

Mr.Surana who is the FICCI President states that India produces 110 th of every product that China produces and also says that India will reach China in 20 years .This is possible only by growth which includes low base, demographics , globalization. Low base means how a small change from a low initial amount to be translated into a large percentage change. By the word demographics Mr.Surana refers to a situation where the number of people who are dependent are less than the number of people earning and mentions that India has reached that stage in 2005.By globalization he meant the opportunities ,exposure and the developments in the technology .Since all these three growth parameters are pretty much happening today Mr.Surana wishes to see the current generation to take this opportunity to grow and succeed.